The Little Paris Kitchen- I love Rachel Khoo

Is anyone else having a complete love affair with Rachel Khoo? I never really had to much interest  in french cookery and was under-enamored with Paris when visited in the late nineties (I know I’m a philistine). However Rachel Khoo has invigorated my interest and desire to cook Parisian food.

Although it is evident that I am suffering a case of ‘girl crush’ there are some practical reasons why I rate ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ aired Mondays at 8:30pm on BBC 2. Firstly she works methodically with ease in the most restrictive kitchen I’ve ever seen (I thought mine was small). I am in utter admiration of a women who can cook beautiful dishes with essentially what appears to be a camping stove and a toy cooker. Not only does she cook with minimal equipment but does it with style.

Rachel also isn’t afraid to experiment with and deconstruct  elements of classical cookery. Rachel Khoo with her vast knowledge of French cookery takes the key elements of a traditional recipe and reconstructs it into a contemporary dish. She is the perfect translator for French – English cuisine.

I will try and be a little objective at this point and address some negatives. If you are a person who is an absolute traditionalist and twitch at the thought of any classic recipe being trifled with, then this isn’t the cookery program for you. I must say that since the program started I have found her sweet recipes more appealing than her savory dishes; they distinctly lack the elegance of her patisseries. Therein lies the crux! Rachel’s sweet recipes look so utterly amazing and most importantly manageable  that you immediately want to try them out. If you have a sweet tooth as I do you will find it hard to resist thinking of cake for the rest of the evening.

Although I am unable to pull off her trade mark red lipstick, I will be trying out her Cheese Pistachio & Prune cake recipe as featured on this weeks program. So watch this space fingers crossed that my ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ savory cake will be très chic.

If you would like further information about ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ Rachel Khoo and her recipes then go to the Little Paris Kitchen or find further recipes on BBC food.


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