Squash, Chorizo & Butterbean Bake- A taste of Spain

Curled up on the sofa with a sniffily nose and a pounding headache, I needed  sunshine. With all hope of the weather improving dashed, I took matters into my own hands and dragged my sorry behind away from my hot honey & lemon and into the kitchen. No plan just a need to distract myself from feeling PANTS!

When feeling drained I tend to via towards hearty warming dishes like soup or stew. Food that nourishes the soul. On this occasion it was no different and I decided that a chorizo and Butternut squash concoction was the order of the day. I call it a concoction because my original intentions was to make a stew but what I ended up with was similar to a tray bake- but not quite. The invention was neither a stew or tray bake, it was however a taste of Spain; warm, zesty and piquant.

I pre-heated the oven to gas mark 7 and began to peel and cube ½ a Butternut squash. Drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt I popped the squash in for roasting. Whilst the squash roasted for approximately 10 minutes, I peeled & quartered two large red onions, plus two large tomatoes. I added these to the squash and continued roasting for f 15 further minutes.

After this time I added 100ml of Chicken stock, juice of an orange plus zest, crushed garlic and a tsp of tomato paste. I popped the tray back into the oven for another 15- 20 minutes whilst the stock reduced. I warmed up some canned Butterbeans in a pan of simmering water and sliced enough chorizo for two. For the final 10 minutes of cooking I added the beans and sausage. When the squash was tender and the chorizo crispy, the tray bake/ stew was complete. As a final flourish I quickly made a parsley oil to drizzle on top and served with chunky baguette.

If trying this recipe at home you may need to adjust the cooking times according to the strength of your oven. If your oven is anything like mine and merely blows warm air on the food then the above guide is about right.

Despite not really being able to taste anything let alone smell, I couldn’t really tell if the dish was a success or not (interested to hear your thoughts). However the warming zing of the hot chorizo was just what the doctor ordered. The warmth of summer on a wet spring day.

Desert followed in the form of a cup of hot honey & lemon laced with rum and box of Kleenex.

Bon appe-sniffle


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