The Art of Food- Illustration Bites

I hate to gush, to be honest I am a pretty down to earth kinda girl. However when I give a compliment I mean it! I’m fairly new to blogging and the blogging world; I’ve come across some brilliant, funny, weird and odd blogs in my month or so of blogging. One of the stand out sites (for all the right reasons) that I’ve come across recently is Illustrated Bites.

My background is in Fine Art- the conceptual kind. The art that the majority of people love to hate. I left University with a big book collection and little skill to wield a pencil or paint brush. So I really love and admire those who demonstrate the skills and flare for stylish, unique and quirky drawings.

Heather Diane exhibits exactly that, a creative approach to blogging which contains two of my favourite things; Food and Art. I really enjoy that illustrated bites is not just a blog with pretty pictures, it has substance. They say that a ‘picture paints a thousand words’ however in Heather’s case a picture paints a delicious meal with helpful hints to boot. The illustrations take the centre stage. They are clear, concise and relevant; a really interesting novel way to convey recipes and handy culinary hints.

I am a fairly regimented sort of cook who follows recipes to the ‘T’ and likes the end result to resemble the photo in the book. So I am fairly sceptical when I cook from books without pictures or show unusual images. When I came across this blog I was enamoured by the images but paid little attention to the content. I considered it a art blog than a food blog- I didn’t take the culinary information seriously because it didn’t resemble other food/ recipe sites.- where for the photographs?

Can an illustration really be better than a photograph when showing off the fruits of your kitchen labour? I say yes, I am a complete convert. So much so that Illustrated Bites has inspired me to created my own foodie images (this resulted in a misspent afternoon at work and a pile of discarded post-it notes) more practice is needed. I would whole heartedly recommend checking out this blog. The illustrations Heather has created can only enhance your kitchen experience; illustrated Bites really is the ‘Art of Food’.


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