About Me

Don’t judge a cook by it’s mother

‘You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover nor should you a cook by its mother; when it comes to food the proof is in the eating.  This blog is about a novice cook figuring out how best to cook the food she loves and love the food she cooks. Successes, failures, misdemeanors and more. My interest in food is inclusive, I write as I eat- the things I love.

Things I love the most-

Cooking for family and friends watching food be happily devoured. There is a Latvian proverb that rings true for my own personal food philosophy ‘A smiling face is half the meal’.  I love tea shops. Coffee  and cake is my ultimate indulgence; in fact I think that most of New Zealand was seen through the windows of coffee shops. I love trying new things in the kitchens and knowing they’ve worked.

Sweet or Savory

Sweet, defiantly a sweet girl. I love cakes although I confess I am not the best baker in the world. It’s a skill I am still trying to master but it doesn’t stop me from admiring the skill of others.

Favorite Foods

Poached Eggs and smoked Salmon, strong coffee, CAKE! I think that simple tasty food is often the best. Eggs are such a great versatile ingredient that I feel lost unless I have a dozen in my fridge.

Celebrity Chef most admired?

I think being a Brit its obligatory to say Jamie Oliver, I generally think he revolutionized the way we cook at home which a have to admire; he’s a noble sort of a chef. I grew up on Delia Smith so I have a so’s soft spot for her too. However the cook that makes me smile is Bill Granger- he’s so SUNNY! My best friend went to Australia about 4 years ago, during the time Bill Granger  was being aired on BBC 1 on a Saturday morning.  Just watching Bill in Sydney cooking for his friends and family, with his bright smile and easy going attitude made me feel like I wasn’t a million leagues or approximately 10500 miles from my ‘missing limb’.

Dream Food destination

To many to choose from but I like to go to Italy, Spain and Morocco. I love tapas and would love nothing more that it sit in a bar in Barcelona and eat dishes upon dishes of Spanish delights. I also think that the Spanish and Italians are able to cure meat like no other country can.

The thing I hate most in the kitchen

Washing Up, Recipes that fail- that’s why I am yet to attempt a Souffle.

Earliest Kitchen memory

I remember cleaning my toy kitchen with my mum’s Nivea hand cream- she wasn’t to happy.

Foods least liked?

Fresh tomatoes are still a struggle and the middle part of cucumbers- I have to cut them out, I can’t do soggy.

Supermarkets or Local produce?

I never used to be very aware of ‘Green’ issues and have only really been illuminated to the concept recently. It’s not until you travel a little bit and fly long haul that you realize the distances food is transported. I mean it’s hard enough for me to travel 24 hours, can you imagine what that kind of flight does to a crate of oranges? I was always the type of person who enjoyed the convenience of picking the exact ingredients you required, all from one place. I am coming out of this mind set now and am far more aware of where the food comes from. I love buying local, it’s such a romantic idea which ‘I know’ is a ridiculous statement.  I try and buy local when and where I can.I am also open to concepts of Freeganism and  Approved foods


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